Source code for doctor.errors

from typing import Union

[docs]class DoctorError(ValueError): """Base error class for Doctor.""" def __init__(self, message, errors: dict = None): self.errors = errors super().__init__(message)
#: Alias for DoctorError, for backwards compatibility. SchematicError = DoctorError
[docs]class ForbiddenError(DoctorError): """Raised when a request is forbidden for the authorized user. Corresponds to a HTTP 403 Forbidden error. """ pass
[docs]class ImmutableError(DoctorError): """Raised for immutable errors for a schema. Corresponds to a HTTP 409 Conflict error. """ pass
[docs]class InternalError(DoctorError): """Raised when there is an internal server error. Corresponds to a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidValueError(DoctorError): """ Raised for errors when doing more complex validation that can't be done in a schema. Corresponds to a HTTP 400 Bad Request error. """ pass
[docs]class NotFoundError(DoctorError): """Raised when a resource is not found. Corresponds to a HTTP 404 Not Found error. """ pass
[docs]class ParseError(DoctorError): """Raised when a value cannot be parsed into an appropriate type.""" pass
[docs]class SchemaError(DoctorError): """Raised for errors in a schema.""" pass
[docs]class SchemaLoadingError(DoctorError): """Raised when loading a resource and it is invalid.""" pass
[docs]class SchemaValidationError(DoctorError): """Raised for errors when validating things against a schema.""" def __init__(self, message, errors=None): super(SchemaValidationError, self).__init__(message) self.errors = errors
[docs]class TypeSystemError(DoctorError): """An error that represents an invalid value for a type. This is borrowed from apistar: 50dd15f0878f0a7c50ce829a72adb276782bcb78/apistar/ :param detail: Detail about the error. :param cls: The class type that was being instantiated. :param code: The error code. :param errors: A dict containing all validation errors during the request. The key is the param name and the value is the error message. """ def __init__(self, detail: Union[str, dict] = None, cls: type = None, code: str = None, errors: dict = None) -> None: if cls is not None and code is not None: cls_errors = getattr(cls, 'errors') detail = cls_errors[code].format(**cls.__dict__) self.detail = detail if errors and len(errors) == 1: param = list(errors.keys())[0] msg = list(errors.values())[0] detail = '{} - {}'.format(param, msg) super().__init__(detail, errors=errors)
[docs]class UnauthorizedError(DoctorError): """Raised when a request is unauthorized. Corresponds to a HTTP 401 Unauthorized error. """ pass